Aero Passive Wing System

for Superbike

Winglet PRO, Passive Wing Technology

Wingback-off passive system that enable to have

high downforce level at low speed and low drag at high speed.

Principio Winglet PRO

Wing Incidence Adjustment

Increasing or decreasing the wing angle of attack modify the front downforce level of the bike.

Ultimate Performance

Increase Performance

Proven by DataLOG acquisition

Reduce Bike lift

Exiting from lower speed corner, thanks to the high downforce produced

Stable Brake

More control and feeling during the brake and cornering phase

Increase Safety

In every condition, your bike will be more under control

Low Drag

Max speed will no be effected thanks to passive system rotation

“It's amazing how the feeling totally change. This is a good step for improving bike control and enjoy the ride!”

Marco Melandri, MotoGP and Superbike rider


Aprilia rsv4- June 2024

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